Beautiful: Amsterdam, 1927 (movie)

blog_amscult_beautiful_amsterdam_alex_benno_1927_smallEven if you have yet to lay eyes on Amsterdam for the first time, movies dating back to 1927–1898 even!–are a joy to watch for anyone curious about the city.

Over the summer, EYE (the Dutch national museum for film, located on Amsterdam’s IJ harbour) managed to get four old films to be conserved–a project financed by crowdfunding.

Even though part of EYE’s own collection, so far the four movies hadn’t been included in any projects. Now they’ve been cleaned by hand, repaired where necessary, copied and digitized, they’re available for all of us to see. Nice! Here’s ‘Beautiful Amsterdam’ (1927):

As EYE describes: “Beautiful Amsterdam is a short promotional film from 1927 made by Alex Benno (. In addition to the usual tourist images, this film (with English intertitles) also features many shots of the Amstel Hotel, which had commissioned the film.”

Benno was born in 1873 in Oberhausen, Germany. An actor and director, known for Op hoop van zegen (1934), Bleeke Bet (1934) and Kee en Janus’ naar Berlijn (1923), he died in 1952 in Haarlem, Netherlands. His real name was Benjamin Bonefang.

EYE, about Beautiful Amsterdam: “The Amstel Hotel was most likely trying to convince American tourists to book rooms at the hotel when they visited the Olympic Games, which in 1928 were held in Amsterdam.”
(Note: links to ‘intertitles’ and ‘Amstel Hotel’ added by Amsterdam Culture.)

Enjoyed watching this video? Check out ‘Amsterdam in the Picture’ for many more old Amsterdam-movies! Or go straight to ‘The Oldest Dutch Films in the EYE Archives‘.

© Photo: still movie Text © Amsterdam Culture/Sheila Schenkel

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