Moby Di… No, Dick Moby! What? Sunglasses!

Amsterdammers Tim Holland and Robbert Wefers Bettink embody everything that Amsterdam Culture’s about–creative entrepreneurship, and sustainable at that!

Plastic is no waste!
Holland and Wefers-Bettink have launched a new brand of sunglasses: Dick Moby. As they say: “High quality or eco-friendly? Let’s do both!” Big plus? They help clean the oceans along the way.

Plastic’s no waste indeed, at least, if you start using it, rather than dumping it… Holland explains: “Plastic is great material. Hopefully, once we start approaching it as the valuable resource it is, we’ll be treating it more consciously. That’s the message we want to convey with Dick Moby.”

So… where does this awareness come from?
Holland and Wefers Bettink grew up surfing and sailing. In the past few years they started experiencing the plastic pollution of our beaches and oceans at first hand. “The thing is though, plastic is here to stay and way too valuable to end up at the bottom of the ocean. We should start seeing plastic for what it really is: a resource that can be used over and over again.” The men want to “invoke creative thinking and explore solutions how to create a bright future for plastic and our oceans” (source).

This is what they’ve managed!
To kick off their brand, they started a Dick Moby crowdfunding campaign March 8th 2014, which ended April 20th. In mere weeks, they managed to raise even more than their goal: € 37,587. Here’s the vid they used:

Now, they have stockists throughout the Netherlands and Belgium, some in France and one in Perth, Australia. Also, you can purchase a pair of sunnies in Dick Moby’s webshop. Just click on the pair of your liking, and you can add it to your shopping cart. Prices vary from € 135 to 155 (about 190 USD / 115 GBP).

Stylish & sustainable & quality all in one
Holland studied Art at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht–that probably helped getting their glasses as good looking as they are. The Dick Moby collection is inspired by classic designs: four unisex models called AMS, LAX, LHR and SFO.

I love their happy-happy message: “The CR 39 UV lenses by ZEISS are the best you can get, and we’ve got them! Plus we’re ZEISS certified! (Self high-five.)”


Clean the oceans, wear Dick Moby
It’s not their Simple Statement, but it could be! 10% of Dick Moby’s revenue is being used for a project with the Surfrider Foundation to prevent plastic pollution: removing floating plastic from seas and oceans.

Good to know: normal sunglasses are made from oil based plastic. Dick Moby uses M49, a new innovative bio-acetate produced from only renewable resources.

Until now, I wasn’t too keen on plastic. Now I get it: we need to start re-using that crap polluting our oceans, and turn it into something beautiful! There’s so much floating around, I’d say we never ever need to create new plastic again.

WHAT Sustainable glasses, ZEISS CR 39 UV lenses
WHEN During opening hours of their stockists, and 24/7 online
WHERE Wherever you wear sunglasses! (Other ‘where’: stockists / webshop)
WHY They look good and help clean up the oceans! What’s not to like?
WWW Facebook * Site * Twitter

Photo ©: Dick Moby Text ©: Amsterdam Culture/Sheila Schenkel


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