Summer Theatre for Young and Old

blog_Parade_2014_smallIf there’s anything that gives you a good summer feeling, it’s ‘The Parade’, or in Dutch: De Parade. A travelling theatre that’s now arrived at its last stop: Amsterdam!

It’s the 24th edition of this colourful event. After visiting Rotterdam in June, The Hague and Utrecht, Amsterdam is enjoying the dancers, musicians, food & actors up until this year’s last day: August 24th, midnight.

With over 90 shows–theatre, music, dance–there’s plenty for both old and young, including those who don’t speak Dutch. Let’s not forget the many food stalls / tents: cocktails, Asian food, BBQ,…  Some music shows are for free, check out Café Correct and Hotel Vilé.

The enter the Parade-terrain, you pay € 7,50, unless…
* you arrive before 4pm
* you’re under 12 years old, or 65+
…then you can go in free of charge!

Bear in mind the queues can be quite long–in Utrecht alone, 85.000 people visited! Also, you’re not allowed to bring any food or drinks, but you might want to bring something to enjoy whilst queuing up. Shows are as cheap as € 2, yet never more than € 10.

De Parade-site has a list of performances ‘suitable for English speakers’. I’d say it doesn’t even really matter–just walking around is such fun. It’s as much about the atmosphere as anything else!

Here goes–by the way, a few will premiere in Amsterdam:
blog_Parade-Poster-vertical- Bokko by Karel van Laere & Vanja Rukavina
- Buurman & Buurman XL Buurman & Buurman
- De Levende Jukebox
- Deeldelirium De Deeldeliers
- Fado by Internationaal Danstheater
- Flying Unicorn F.U.M.C.A.B.
- Happy Family Fantasten
- Kar-oe-sel and Tunnel Rob en Emiel (premiere)
- L.O.V.E Cecilia Moisio/ Dansmakers A’dam
- N.I.K. by N.I.K.
- Newton’s Duet Another Kind of Blue
- Protocol & Maria Geniaal Mime education A’dam (premiere)
- Seele Leine Roebana
- SEX Blush
- Speak! Sanja Mitrovic
- To Band Keren Levi & Tom Parkinson
- Ultranormaal DOX en 155
- Un, dos, tres, cerveza! Ashton Brothers
- We’re all for the underground Hillary Blake Firestone

If you’d like to skip the queue: order a ticket for both a performance and the terrain online (up until 11am on the day of your visit). *1* Click on… ‘Blokkenschema’ (=timetable) or ‘Blokken kinder’ (Kids’ shows).

Amsterdam, De Parade*2* Select your day, then the performance. (You can click on ‘later’ or ‘eerder’–eerder meaning: earlier on the day.) If you see a shopping cart, the show is still open for online ticket sales, if you see a T, it means you can only get tickets once you’ve arrived at the festival. If you read ‘tijd onbekend‘, they don’t know yet at what time the show will be. Don’t forget: when you’ve got a ticket, walk PAST the queue!

*3* Once you’ve clicked on a shopping cart, you’ll have to register. Right below the log-in form, it says: “Registreer als je nog geen account hebt“. It’s an easy-does-it form. Quick translation of the obligatory questions (the rest you can skip):

E-mailadres = your email address
Geslacht = man or vrouw (=woman)
Achternaam = family name
Postcode = area code
Huisnummer = house number
Straat = street
Woonplaats = city/village
Wachtwoord = password (6 to 15 characters, with at least one letter and one number)
Herhaal wachtwoord = repeat password

I’ve tried: the system accepts e.g. a Chicago address as well.

Once again, I’m happy to finish my blog with a whole-hearted: have fun!

WHAT Travelling Summer Theatre
WHEN Right now! Ending at midnight, August 24th 2014
WHERE Martin Luther Kingpark:

M.L. Kingpark Click for a bigger map
WHY There’s few things in life that say ‘summer’ the way De Parade does!
WWW Facebook * Site * Twitter

(c) Opening Image: De Parade; CC night picture: peanutian Text © Amsterdam Culture/Sheila Schenkel

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