Startupbootcamp’s Demo Day

blog_SBC-class-2014_smallOn June 25th 2014 at the ABN AMRO headquarters in Amsterdam the accelerator program for startups Startupbootcamp presented to the public its 11 startups accelerated during the last 3 months-edition, which started on March 31st 2014.

After an intensive period of “mentorship, workshops, pivoting, acceleration and hard work”, the 11 first-class startups, selected from over 700 applicants and coming from 6 different countries, pitched in front of a public of venture capitalists, angels and seed investors.

Dedication and resilience

Demo Day kicked off at 9,30 with the presentation of Patrick de Zeeuw and Ruud Hendriks, co-founders of Startupbootcamp Global, and continued with an inspiring keynote speech held by the Dutch paralympic snowboard champion Bibian Mentel.

Following the appropriate theme of the day “Never Give Up”, the athlete took the audience through her tough times between health problems and sportive ambitions, sending a clear message of dedication and resilience to the young representatives of the startups.

(c) Startupbootcamp

Save money and time

In order of appearance, the pitch session started with TripRebel, a virtual travel agent that saves customers money and time to get the best possible hotel booking options; followed by Signaturit, that provides a simple and secure way of signing documents with legal validity. Afterwards came Ukky, an app that enables parents to turn photos, videos and notes into stories about their own children.

Before the coffee break, it was the turn of Procwise, the web based proctoring system from “easy & safe online exams”; and of IrisTrace, a business checklist management tool for safety, quality and audits.

The Cloud, athletes and the Internet of Things

The vibrating atmosphere and the high level of the pitches kept the attention of the public fixed. The presentation continued with Sendcloud, a cloud based system that simplifies shipping for web-shops; and with Formtaste, providing a smart vending software and hardware solutions.

Then it was the turn of Wagaduu!, a fast track system for athletes who can store their records, find sport events and share them with their friends; followed by Giaura, an environmentally friendly startup that turns CO2 from a waste stream into a profitable resource.

To conclude the day, it was the turn of Leapfunder, a network investing method that allows everyone to invest in startups and, last but not least, of Undagrid, that empowers the Internet of Things using Wireless Technology.

(c) Startupbootcamp

You could be next!

If our article made you curious about Startupbootcamp accelerator program, active in 6 countries, check out the next editions available in The Netherlands: until August 8th it is possible to apply for the E- & Mcommerce program in Amsterdam, and until September 30th for the HighTechXL program in Eindhoven. Or apply for the programs in Berlin, London or Copenhagen!

Here’s a a video of the day about Startupbootcamp Amsterdam Class of 2014 as available on Startupbootcamp TV:

Startupbootcamp Amsterdam Demo Day 2014 from StartupbootcampTV on Vimeo.


(c) Pictures: Startupbootcamp Text © Amsterdam Culture / Elisa Conselvan

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