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blog_iamsterdam_smallThe 3D-slogan ‘I Amsterdam’ has become as iconic for Amsterdam as the Eiffel Tower for Paris, Christ the Redeemer for Rio de Janeiro and the Statue of Liberty for the US. September 23rd it will be exactly ten years since the slogan was launched.

Would you believe it drew sniggers from quite a few Amsterdammers? (Yes, including me.) However! It’s become a very successful marketing tool. Actually, no, a very, very successful one–one that gives joy! No matter where you find the letters, you’ll see people crawling all over it like ants.

Over the years, showing its popularity, the letters have silenced the sniggering and complaining Amsterdammers. They have gained silent respect and acceptance. That’s why I owe it to the letters (and to those of you that would like to have a picture taken whilst sitting on them), to share where you can find the three sets of I Amsterdam-letters:

1) At the Museumplein. The picture above was taken facing the square, the museum behind me. (Here’s a picture of the slogan from the other side.)

2) At Schiphol Airport–to be more precise, Schiphol Plaza:

3) At different locations. Until August 10 you can find the ‘travellling letters’ at the Kwaku Summer Festival, Bijlmerpark. Besides the letters, you will find a lot of music and great food here! The festival: every Saturday and Sunday (ending August 10th), 13 hrs – midnight, for a maximum of € 3,50. It’s a 15 minute walk from train station Amsterdam Bijlmer.

If you’d like to read all about this ongoing city marketing, check out ‘The Making of… the city marketing of Amsterdam‘. If you’re simply curious to read a bit more, here’s what I amsterdam city marketing has to say about their slogan.

Enjoy having your picture taken!

CC Picture: Sheila Schenkel © Text: Amsterdam Culture/Sheila Schenkel


Anne-Marie says:

Don’t forget the ones at the ArenA boulevard!

admin says:

Oh my, Anne-Marie, I had no idea there were letters there, too! I guess I should make it to Ajax more often… Thanks :-) ~Sheila

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