Summer Theatre Festival

blog_OverhetIJ_2013_Saris_den_Engelsman_smallToday, July 3rd is the start of theatre festival Over het IJ; across the IJ-river, aka in Amsterdam-Noord (North). Along the banks of the river it will be performances, performances, and, yes, performances!

Before sharing some more about the festival, another reason to go:

The North of Amsterdam, Amsterdam-Noord, has a completely different feel from the city–that’s right, many Amsterdammers hardly consider it part of their town. That is… Until a few years ago, when clever creatives started taking over the banks of the river.

The NDSM ferry leaves from behind Central Station; it’s the leftmost one. For its timetable, click here. No need for tickets, it’s for free (don’t take your car).

On the map you can see the NDSM location compared to the train station and the Anne Frank House.

Good to know: at the Houthavens, you’ll find another (free) ferry to the NDSM. If you’re not too keen on being on the water: this ferry only takes 6 minutes.

Now about that Festival!

From the Over het IJ-site: “Young, talented theatre makers are programmed next to famous names on various exciting locations to present their stories.”

Central theme this year, is ‘the city and urbanization’. For the next eleven days its main point, the NDSM shipyard, will be renamed Festival Heart. Here, you can eat, drink and, quote, “feel the tension between the advancing civilization of the city and the fringes of concrete, steel and water”, unquote.

Handy: at the Festival Heart you’ll find guides that may help you choose what performance(s) you might like best. That, plus the fact you can enjoy short performances by only just graduated theatre makers (check the Sea Container Programme), makes it a good starting point for a newbie at the Festival.

If you’re hesitant at all to leave the main town, just start with taking the ferry. Like I said, it’s for free!

You will be rewarded with an amazing view–both during the trip of about 14 minutes (!) and after arrival.

If you don’t fancy a try at the Festival, you can just as easily hop back. Or have a drink at the IJ-kantine. Or walk to hipster place Pllek and enjoy a drink or a bite there. Enjoy your trip!

PS NDSM stands for Nederlandsche Dok en Scheepsbouw Maatschappij (Dutch Dock and Shipbuilding Company).

WHY Even if you were to go for a drink only, or to walk around, it’s a lovely event to experience. Its location helps, too. Tickets: as of € 3, with a view free of charge. See the Daily Schedule. NB A globe means: ‘Language No Problem’
WHEN July 3rd-July 13th, 2014. Usually as of 4 P.M. / 16:00 hrs. See the Daily Schedule
WHAT A Summer Theatre Festival! Some performances are ‘rated’ Language No Problem (check for the the ‘globe’ in the Daily Schedule)
WHERE Across the river from Central Station, see maps above
WWW Facebook * Site * Twitter * G+

Photo ©IJ-festival/Saris & den Engelsman Maps: Google Text © Amsterdam Culture/Sheila Schenkel

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