More than breakfast: Boulangerie 1072

blog_boulangerie_1072Steef wanted to work here for maybe two weeks. Eight months in, he works here still. Why?
Having enjoyed his holidays-spent-in-France, Steef loves the vibe of the Boulangerie (French for bakery) and the variety of people coming in–something I had jotted down only minutes before: ‘Nice: you really find each and everyone here.’

So, this Boulangerie… What’s so nice about it?
* They serve home made pies—‘home’ being the location itself.
* Very friendly staff, understanding it’s about the customer experience.
* Nice soft lighting, without it being dark at all—plenty of windows to provide light.
* Plus…

The coffee! On their site, they say they serve ‘Koffie, waar je voor terug komt’: coffee you come back for. Truth be told I usually take those messages with a grain of salt or two… Yes, I believe in the concept of good lattes, but ‘real good lattes’, seriously? Mostly, I hardly taste the difference! Here’s the ‘however’: I must admit, this time even I noticed them being good…

Calm and Bustle Whilst the music and atmosphere is nice and calm, the Ferdinand Bolstraat provides plenty of energy and passers-by. You can watch the fish shop open up and sell its sandwiches—it’s located on the sidewalk right next to the Boulangerie. On that note: the bakery’s location is also the inspiration for its name. 1072 is the area code.

Art & Kids & …
+ Throughout the bakery you’ll find different kinds of art for sale: oil paintings, black and white pictures, etc.
+ At the small ground floor, where you order and get to have a look at their food on display, you’ll find a standing table with bar stools.
+ On the split level a few steps up you’ll find 10 tables for 2 and a small work area where they make the fresh sandwhiches. In the back it’s easy to shove tables together to create space for 4.
+ …and a few steps down you’ll find a corner especially for kids, a sofa and a communal table with papers and fairly new magazines (all in Dutch).

Of course it’s not all peachy
Their wifi has some issues to say the least, but it’s for free and they’ve got no issues resetting it whenever necessary. If you’re dependent on it, you might find it’s a bit troublesome to work here.

WHAT: Nice and relaxed place for a good coffee, organic tea, pie, fresh sandwiches/juices, salads (think quinoa, lentils). All of it home made.
WHEN: Every Day 08:00 hrs – 18:00 hrs (6 p.m.).
WHEREFerdinand Bolstraat 151, borough; De Pijp.
WEE ETC: Upstairs, immediately on your left. Handy: a head-to-toe mirror.
WHAT ELSE: They serve a petit and grand déjeuner until 11:00 hrs / 11 a.m. (small/big breakfast).
WWW Site * Facebook

© Image Boulangerie Text © Amsterdam Culture/Sheila Schenkel

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Sheila says:

It only feels fair to share that I was rather disappointed with their lunch last Monday; it was very skimpy. Two very thin slices of bread, two thin slices of goat cheese, a dressing on the side and a few lettuce leaves. For 7 Euro (or was it 7,50?) I expect more, way more. It didn’t even remotely resemble the Goat Cheese sandwich on their website. (Merely to compare, as it isn’t the one on the menu now. Present one is without walnuts/pear/honey, but with bacon, if you like.) A pity, as I do like the place/kid-friendly corner/coffee.

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