Lego Art in Amsterdam

blog_rembrandt_logo_201405LEGO® bricks: I like them, some people love them.

One of the many Lego Lovers is Patrick Bosman, rebuilding Amsterdam out of these bits of plastic. Another LEGO-man is Nathan Sawaya, a New York- based artist whose work will be on display in Amsterdam EXPO from 29th May.

With LEGO bricks available in 58 colours, you can build whatever you like–or so it seems. Bosman’s Amsterdam Streets sure make it look that way:

blog_bosman_printscreen_2014_smallPrintscreen of Patrick Bosman‘s Amsterdam LEGO Flickr Set

Sawaya definitely knows to build pretty much each and everything under the sun. I’d say his artist name Brick Artist is well chosen, indeed. He can recreate a Rembrandt (see opening picture) as easily as he builds a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton measuring 6 meter (20 feet) in length, and an advertising billboard of about 4,5 by 16 meter (15 by 53 feet), using more than 500,000 LEGO pieces (gulp!).

Creative? Inspiring? Oh, yes! All the Brick Artist uses, are the very LEGO bricks you buy in toy stores. If you’d like even more inspiration after seeing the exposition: search for ‘Legoland’ on Booking.com and off you go.

According to CNN, a ‘U.S. gallery director’ said: We had to open the doors five hours early to accommodate the hundreds of guests waiting.” Now that will not happen in Amsterdam. At the weekend, Amsterdammers hardly leave the house before noon :-)

On a rainy day, this should provide fun for both kids and adults. Ah, and CNN thinks it’s a must-see
WHY NOW It’s as of tomorrow! Tickets: € 14. For 2 adults+2 kids, or 1 adult+3 kids, it’s € 44. Every extra kid: € 6
WHEN May 29, 2014 until… who knows? | Sat-Thurs 09:00-18:00 (9am-6pm) | Friday 09:00 to 21:00 hrs (9am-9pm). You’ll be admitted up to one hour before closing time.
WHAT Large-scale sculptures created from LEGO bricks, including some of the world’s most famous artworks from Da Vinci, Vermeer and Rembrandt
WHERE In Amsterdam EXPOGustav Mahlerlaan 24 (click address for map, and/or go to EXPO’s directions)

CC Photo (Rembrandt): Erik Cleves Kristensen; Patrick Bosman’s work: printscreen; Text © Amsterdam Culture/Sheila Schenkel

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