A Five Arched Bridge

blog_Herengracht_five_arched_bridge_Sheila_Schenkel_smallThis bridge might very well be one of the most photographed of the city: with its five arches it has quite a majestic look. And as you can see, its lights at night gives the Herengracht a very literary, inspiring vibe…

As a guide on a canal boat tour, I was taught and thus shared the fact this is the only five arched bridge of Amsterdam. A fact I wasn’t 100% sure about, until I read that there used to be more of these five arched bridges. So I’d be very, very surprised if you’d spot a second one–when you do, don’t hesitate to tell us!

Bridge 18 looks pretty old–some say it was built in 1977, some say it was restored. Its bearing structure is reinforced concrete lined with masonry and natural stone. Its railings are made of  forged steel railings.

To see this bridge yourself, set your GPS with location Herengracht 113.

As there are over 1500 bridges in Amsterdam, you’ll keep crossing one, again and again. And as these bridges–plus the canals they cross–are part of the city’s very heart, you’ll keep finding bridges on our site as well. So far, we shared the Petemaijenbrug and the Python. You’re very welcome to share your picture, too.

CC Picture: Sheila Schenkel © Text: Amsterdam Culture/Sheila Schenkel

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