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blog_amscult_groenevanamsterdamFeel like running with the locals? You can do about a nice 9k run on Saturday and drink a coffee afterwards. Or… pick up a race bib and do a 10k or marathon on Sunday! (Goes without saying one might want to be prepared to run over 42km / 26mi).

Keeping it ‘Short ‘n’ Simple’, here we go:

On Saturdays (and Tuesdays and Wednesdays) you can run with the ‘Dam Runners, a MeetUp group with a great variety of Amsterdammers (Dutch and expats). You’ll find Dam’ Runners upcoming runs on MeetUp. Quick facts:

* what: Tuesdays about 6,6 km, Wednesdays about 9km (interval), Saturdays close to 9km (up to 22km, only if and when everyone can join, which is rare)
* register: for free on MeetUp.com
* costs: free of charge–do bring a few Euro for a drink afterwards
* starting point: in front of Vondel CS, Vondelpark 3
* pace: depends on who you run with; about 9,5 km/h, 11 km/h or 14 km/h
* amount of people: about 5-10
* distance: about 9k, on Tuesdays 6,6 but an extra 3,3km is easily added
* nice: they make sure you don’t get lost
* afterwards: coffee/tea at Blauwe Theehuis (see fact 1)
* trivia: combining beginners with ultra-runners

On Sunday May 11 (coinciding with Mother’s Day here in the Netherlands), you can be part of–or witness–the very first ‘green’ marathon in Amsterdam. You can find the program of De Groene van Amsterdam online, yet it’s in Dutch only. It doesn’t get much more local than that. Quick facts:

* what; a volunteer’s project; both the organisation and financing (crowd funding, you can probably still pledge)
* register: Saturday May 10 between 10am-5pm at Run2Day (Overtoom 345) or Sunday in the starting tent
* costs: kids’ run € 2,50; 10 km € 15; marathon € 25
* starting point: President Allendelaan (zoom in on the orange flags for the exact locations)
* time: 10:30am marathon; 11:10am 10km (6,2mi); 12:45 kids’ run (1,13km/0,7mi)
* pace: for you to decide (pacers?)
* amount of people: over a 1000 in total
* distance: marathon; 10km (6,2mi); 1,13km (0,7mi)
* nice: there’s a green farmers’ market as well
* afterwards: the green farmers’ market ends at 5pm
* trivia: Abelkader Benali, author of Marathonloper (Marathoner) is one of the organisers/runners

Bring your shoes, enjoy the run!

For more info, you can mail to info@degroenevanamsterdam.nl.

© Image: De Groene van Amsterdam. Text: Amsterdam Culture/Sheila Schenkel


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