It’s a Python!


Amsterdam has many bridges–80 within the grachtengordel (‘canal belt’) alone! This is Bridge 1998, known as the Python Bridge (Pythonbrug) and nicknamed High Bridge (Hoge Brug). Any idea where?

The bridge was designed by architect Adriaan Geuze (who’s actually based in Rotterdam). It connects the Panamakade (Panama Quay) on the Sporenburg peninsula with the Stuurmankade (Steersman Quay) and was completed in 2001. The Python Bridge, according to Wikipedia, is about 90 meters long (ca. 295 Feet).

Me, I discovered the bridge whilst training for my first marathon. It’s a mind-boggling one: I guess the wires across the steps are to prevent you from slipping (they do), yet there’s something about the length of these steps that does something to your brain (especially on the way down). I found it very challenging… Every time we’d cross this Python, I felt the need to hold on to the railing. One challenge I will never take on: jumping from this bridge! It’s about 9,5 meters high (ca. 31 feet).

If you’d like to jump from this red bridge, or just enjoy the view, set your GPS with location Panamakade 144. If you’d like to read on, here’s some more bridges on Amsterdam Culture.


CC Picture: Sheila Schenkel © Text: Amsterdam Culture/Sheila Schenkel


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