Old Food Market on Historic Location

blog_amscult_old_amsterdam_food_marketSometimes creativity enters the city ‘all the way’ from Geneva, Switzerland. This Saturday, April 12th: the Old Amsterdam Food Market. “Be ready to discover unimaginable ingredient combinations and edible items you did not know existed…trust us, it will be delicious.”

Some background info… Who are the people behind ‘us’? Copy paste, adding links for your conveniency: ‘Farming the City is a project devised and developed by CITIES Foundation, an independent research organisation focusing on urban development issues.’ Based in Geneva, ‘CITIES’ has their main office in Paris. Their aim: ‘More inclusive, dynamic and creative cities benefiting people and society.’ Noted. Onward!

About the event…
Onto copy paste number three, straight from the Old Amsterdam Food Market Facebook Event Page: “We have a hot line up of local entrepreneurs, all coming together in street stalls at the Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond (Flemish Culture House the Brackish Ground) in the city centre to share in good times and tastes. Also, a few will feature on the spot workshops sharing their secrets!”

Good to know: on the weekends, Amsterdam doesn’t wake up before noon. So it’s no surprise the event starts at… exactly, noon. To be precise: 12-17hrs, aka 12pm-5pm.

…and its location
Nice detail: at the event’s address used to be the Sint Margarethaklooster, a church/convent hosting a meat market on its ground floor. The church was torn down in 1779, resulting in the Nes square.

It’s unknown why it says ‘anno 1624’ on the arched gate (back entrance of de Brakke Grond, Oudezijds Voorburgwal next to number 290). According to Bureau Monuments & Archeology, it doesn’t necessarily mean the gate actually dates from 1624. It could be older, and might have been made at Hendrick de Keyser’s workshop, a sculptor and architect born in Utrecht, 1565, who moved to Amsterdam when he was 26 until his death in 1621.

Reasons to go
What appeals to me: the event is at a nice location you might not normally go to when visiting Amsterdam, yet it’s bang in the middle of town (Nes 45), featuring local entrepreneurs like:
* Vleesch Noch Visch, meaning: neither fish nor fowl. Or, literally: Meet Nor Fish. Serving: ‘refreshingly fresh vegetarian dishes’,
* Keuken van het Ongewenste Dier, meaning: Kitchen of the Unwanted Animal. ‘Getting creative and sustainable, sourcing, prepping and serving deliciously ‘edible pests’’ and
* Brouwerij de Prael, literally: Brewery the Ostentation, with prael being the 16th century way of writing praal, serving ‘microbrew beer made according to tradition, in a brewery/shop/tasting room of rich history in one of the oldest areas of the city’.

For more information and the event’s program, check out Farming the City’s invite to this market. If you’d like updates, and you’re on Facebook, you can join the event online.

It’s a food market at a nice location in the centre, offering original food, fun for sure and info.
WHEN Saturday April 12th, 12-17 hrs / 12pm-5pm.
WHAT ‘Watching, smelling, tasting and trying, during workshops and tastings’.
WHERE Nesplein / Nes 45, close to Dam square.
WWW Facebook * Site * Facebook 2 * Twitter
WHAT ELSE Some of the workshops are fully booked.

Photo’s: © Farming the City; unknown © Text: Amsterdam Culture/Sheila Schenkel // Thanks for the idea, Elisa Conselvan!

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