Hutspot: creative shops within shops

There’s nothing confusing about Hutspot, regardless of online dictionaries’ explanation: ‘hotchpotch, a confused mixture’. Then again, perhaps it is confusing! Yet in a very serendipitous kind of way… Intrigued? Here’s more.

There’s few places that embody Amsterdam Culture the way Hutspot does. The founders of Hutspot are creative, creating a creative space for other creatives in Amsterdam to show their creative products. How good is that?

It’s not surprising Hutspot has a vision similar to Amsterdam Culture’s, which is: creating a platform for creative people. To be precise, and in Hutspot’s own words: “Hutspot searches for new and interesting brands, designers, artists and entrepreneurs, offering them the chance to expose their products in their own space within the shop.”

For an impression of what Hutspot looks like, have a look at the video below. It’s a bit too MTV for me, but even if you watch it for a few moments only, you’ll get the idea.

Having started in summer 2012, Hutspot jumped pretty quickly from ‘a small space’ to a huge concept store in the Van Woustraat. On January 14th, 2014, the start-up opened up a second huge Hutspot, on the Rozengracht. Here, amongst many other shops, you’ll find Uncover Lab, which is one of my favourite start-ups in itself.

Exactly one month after opening their second location, on February 14th, Hutspot won the Best Start-Up Award at the ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament in Rotterdam. Of all 250 retailers joining, 41 procent voted for Hutspot. Co-founder Pieter Jongens: “We’re immensely proud of this Award and the fact so many colleague-entrepreneurs voted for us. It means they value our concept, and for a young start-up like Hutspot, that kind of recognition is very important” (translated from Dutch, Sheila).

It’s not the first Award they’ve won, either. One month previous, on January 16th, the creative Hutspot founders won the NIMA ‘MarketingLaunch’ Award 2013 as well. With NIMA being the Dutch Institute for Marketing, one can safely assume it means Hutspot is doing something right indeed. The NIMA jury: “Hutspot Amsterdam proves innovation in retail is still possible and works. Within a year its three founders, all in their twenties, launched a profitable company using their own unique vision and style” (translated from Dutch, Sheila).

Now all that remains, is to plan a visit to either or both Hutspot stores and have a look yourself. Enjoy the coffee!

On that note, apparently, Hutspot will open a cafe next to its Van Woustraat concept store, soon. Until that time, I’d say the cafe inside the store at number 4 is more than nice enough.

If you wish you could have your own pop-up store at Hutspot: Van Woustraat’s Hutspot has opened up its old office space for pop-up initiatives. For your shop within theirs, or for sharing another great idea for this space, send them an email.

At Hutspot you’ll find all sorts of start-ups showing and selling their creative products. Clothes, engravings, paintings: you name it. Check out the list of designers, artists and brands!
WHY NOW Hutspot’s opened a second store bang in the middle of town
WHEN Monday through Saturday 10-19hrs, Sunday’s 12-18hrs
WHAT “Unique products that have been created with care”
WHERE Van Woustraat 4 and Rozengracht 204-210
WWW Facebook * YouTube * Twitter * Site * Tumblr * Mail
WHAT ELSE The year 2014′s only two months on the way, and Hutspot’s won an Award in both of them

Image © Hutspot (logo) Text © Amsterdam Culture/Sheila Schenkel

Hutspot: creative shops within shops

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Love to be part of this :)

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