An EYE for Maggie Brown

Some people don’t just dream about being creative, whilst having a full-time job. Some people simply make it happen. The photographer who took this picture has a full-time job, a photoblog, and on top of that, an album release coming up pretty soon: March 7th.

Freek Broekhuijsen, whose name you pronounce as Frake (as in Flake) Brook H (as in Home) Ui (<–soundclip!) Sen (as in reaSON), has a photo blog on Tumblr. It’s here that I stumbled upon his picture of: the EYE Film Institute Netherlands, Dutch centre for film culture and heritage.

The EYE Film Institute has an extensive and internationally renowned collection. It was founded in January 2010 by merging four major Dutch film organisations: Holland Film, the Dutch Institute for Film Education (Nederlands Instituut voor Filmeducatie), the Filmbank and Filmmuseum.

Well-known worldwide for its restoration and research expertise, the institute has resided in its eye-catching building – designed by the Viennese Delugan Meissl Associated Architects – on the north bank of the river IJ, since their official opening on April 4, 2012, by ‘our’ then Queen Beatrix.

So far the photography subject of Broekhuijsen. Now about the band in which he plays the bass guitar: Maggie Brown.

The men started playing together in winter 2011, and hope to get a chance to participate in the 2014 edition of Popronde, a yearly travelling festival from September-November taking place in about 30 cities to get more exposure. In each of those cities about 35 upcoming bands and artists play on about 20 stages: cafés, galleries, small theatres, record shops, churches and clubs.

As annoying as labels are, it does help give you an idea of what the band does, so here goes… Maggie Brown is indie; melancholic; guitar music; occasionally a ukulele and more. Besides Broekhuijsen, Maggie Brown is also: Pascal van Baren (drums), Randy Derkhof (guitar), Marcel Hulst (vocals/guitar) and Friso Schmid (keys). Curious?Here’s the trailer for their release party:

If you’d like to hear more of them live, definitely go to their release party at De Nieuwe Anita, March 7th. Or go to their instore gig at Concerto Recordstore, April 3rd!

If you’re not in Amsterdam March 7th, nor April 3rd, you can either pre-order Maggie Brown’s debut vinyl and/or cd (including digital download) by sending an email to Marcel Hulst, quoting ‘Amsterdam Culture’ for a 5% discount, and/or listen to some footage from a live show almost two years ago, April 19, 2013 at Café Pakhuis Wilhelmina:

Quite something: German artist Gerhard Richter gave the band permission to use work of his for the cover. Just like he once gave Sonic Youth permission: their 1988 album Daydream Nation’s cover features a 1983 painting by Gerhard Richter entitled Kerze (candle). Its back cover features Richter’s Kerze from 1982.

Broekhuijsen about Richter’s kind permission:Hij vond ons wel tof“; He thought we were pretty cool.

Their music is mesmerizing… If you haven’t listened yet, please do!
WHY NOW It’s the release party of their debut album ‘Maggie Brown’. Available on vinyl and cd. Tickets at the door: € 5
WHEN March 7, 2014. At 21:00 hours / 9pm
WHAT Maggie Brown, of course. Plus: special guests Ear to the Ground and Motel Aurora
WHERE De Nieuwe Anita, Frederik Hendrikstraat 111
WWW Facebook * YouTube * Twitter * Site * Tumblr
WHAT ELSE An instore gig at Concerto Recordstore, April 3rd. Free of charge!

Image © Freek Broekhuijsen Text © Amsterdam Culture/Sheila Schenkel

An EYE for Maggie Brown


Sheila says:

Feb 12 one of his paintings was auctioned at Sotheby’s. Sold for £17.4 million = over 21 million Euro (and that’s not even close to his record!).

Zena says:

Always interested in discovering new bands coming to Amsterdam.

You are right their ‘music is mesmerizing’ and they sound great live.

I’m going to try and make the 7th March. otherwise, it will have to be concerto record store.

Sheila says:

Great to hear, Zena! Unfortunately I couldn’t make their gig March 7th–you?–so now I’m aiming for April 3rd, Concerto!

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