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The American Book Center supports local creatives, too–authors to be precise! They’ve come up with a new way of doing just that. Once per month, starting January 19th, they host a Meet My Book-event at their shop on the Spui.

The ABC is a friendly one for authors; they have the marvellous Espresso Book Machine, making it possible to see a print of your book without ever finding a publishing company. Now, with the Meet My Book-events, you can present your book to an actual audience. And, looking at it from a reader’s point of view, you can meet local authors and hear more about their work.

“The first three authors are really diverse, fascinating characters: from expat life, through to the Magic of Life, and an 80-year old writing about the magic of childhood,” says David Beckett. A big fan of creative people, David is co-founder of Amsterdam Culture, and being a presentation coach and an author himself, perhaps it’s no surprise he’s hosting these Meet My Book-events.

These are the authors you can meet this Sunday, January 19th:

  • blog_meet_my_book_january_19_2014Robin Pascoe, creator of Dutchnews.nl and writer of ‘Ready Steady Go Dutch’. David: “She interviewed 150 people from around the world who had relocated to the Netherlands. Pascoe offers personal insights to the challenges for expats.”


Luc Sala, author of ‘Ritual, The Magical Perspective’. He’s a Physicist, Information Technologist and Critical Thinker. “He’s a serious scientist who’s come to the conclusion that science doesn’t help with some big stuff – love, happiness, justice, feelings… It’s all about Rituals and Magic!” David says.


Bryna Hellman, the 80-year old American lady, author of four other children’s books. She wrote ‘In The Children’s Country’. David explains, “It’s about an imaginary world where there are only children and–get this–no TV!” Hellman is pretty much as local as they come: she’s lived in Amsterdam for over 30 years now.

If you’re not just visiting, but living in the Netherlands and writing in English, you could be the next to present your book. Write to owner Lynn Kaplanian-Buller and who knows? If you’re not visiting in January; the next event is February 16th.


WHY You get to be part of the book presentation by three local writers (and to see one of our co-founders presenting).
WHY NOW It’s the first of the Meet My Book-events!
WHEN January 19th, 2014, 4-5pm, 2nd floor. No entrance fee.
WHAT Local authors writing in English talk about their stories and transforming their work into an actual book.
WHERE American Book Center, Spui 12, Amsterdam.

Text © Amsterdam Culture/Sheila Schenkel

Meet My Book


Olivia Landén says:

What an amazing idea, I really wish I could be there (as opposed to being stuck in Sweden)! I hope it takes off and becomes a regular thing so I can attend next time I visit. // Olivia

iSheila says:

So far so good, Olivia! And please do attend next time you’re here. Looking forward to seeing you!

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