Great Amsterdam Song and Design

Amsterdam inspires. At Amsterdam Culture, we consider that a fact. And although we aim to focus on Amsterdammers, we can’t help but wanting to acknowledge creativity inspired by our city itself, too. Especially when it results in a beautiful song and great artwork!

Daughter released their debut album ‘If You Leave’, earlier this year. They wrote a beautiful track, named simply ‘Amsterdam’. What caught my eye this morning, was the artwork inspired by Daughter’s song ‘Amsterdam’. Just take a proper look.

Ed Fairburn designed this image especially for the aforementioned track ‘Amsterdam’. Fairburn “is a Welsh artist, based in Cardiff, whose ability to combine the geography of our facial features with the geography of the earth leads to a startling and compelling synthesis of the two”, says James McBride of IPaintMyMind. I couldn’t have said it any better.

Even though Fairburn thought it was a ‘strong idea’ to establish a link between the song and a map of Amsterdam, he felt it was quite a challenge: “Amsterdam has a very particular shape which was initially quite difficult to work with.”

Probably referring to our inner city canals aka grachtengordel, he continues: “All of the streets follow a pattern and everything fits together like a jigsaw puzzle – I don’t see that very often.” I’d say he’s done a brilliant job–I totally love it. If you love it, too: his piece of art is available on T-shirts. Unfortunately the image is printed on the front of both of men’s and women’s tee-shirts–why do ‘they’ keep doing that? People staring at your bosom? Seriously…–but a great shirt nonetheless.

So… Amsterdam inspired both the artist Fairburn and the band Daughter. Having bumped into the piece of art above, I naturally had to listen to the song, which ties it all together. Have a listen, yourself…

Daughter, ‘Amsterdam’, Festival No.6 in Portmeirion, North Wales

Daughter’s poet/singer Elena Tonra, guitarist Igor Haefeli and drummer Remi Aguilella got mixed reviews for their album ‘If You Leave’; from “a sound instantly enchanting of design” and “wholly hypnotic”, to “atmospheric, but…calculatingly so, especially set against [Tonra's] overwrought poetry.” Listening to ‘Amsterdam’, I’d say I’m with the BBC on this one: wholly hypnotic for sure.

“Then I’ll go
I’ll go home

If you’d like to hear more; you can find a beautifully-done A/V room on Daughter’s site.

Their song ‘Amsterdam’ is simply beautiful and inspired the creation an equally beautiful piece of art
WHY NOW It’s the Give Gifts Holiday Season: Daughter’s album / Fairburn’s shirt make great gifts. Album: £9.00-ish. Shirts: £15.00
WHEN Until out of stock
WHAT Daughter‘s debut album ‘If You Leave‘, Fairburn‘s shirt based on their song ‘Amsterdam’
WHERE Live, they’re not any where near Amsterdam–try Singapore and Australia
WWW Facebook * YouTube * Twitter * Website

Image © Ed Fairburn. Text © Amsterdam Culture/Sheila Schenkel

Great Amsterdam song and design

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