Intriguing: A Book by Claudio Tapia

the-hand-of-yemanja-300I met Claudio Tapia in 2010 on a writers’ class at the ABC Treehouse, Amsterdam. My immediate impression of him was: ‘This is the real deal. This is the type of writer I’d love to become.’

He’s the guy who finds himself with 20 minutes available, and fills them with writing. It may be a coffee break, a late night moment once the kids are in bed, or a Sunday afternoon – if there’s time, he writes. He’s a genuine get-words-on-the-page junkie.

When we met, Claudio had a first draft for his book. Three years on, he’s crafted that draft into a published novel, to be launched this Sunday at the Galerie Weesperzijde.


“We all look for ways to shed our skins from time to time, for a chance to look at the world through borrowed eyes.

On a fog-drenched November morning the Ostia Antica pushes off from the port of Genoa, bound for Buenos Aires. The year is 1902. It is here that the story of Lydia begins, an emigrant’s tale of a whimsical young woman with a desire for independence and the need to re-invent the world around her.”

Born in Chile and exiled at the age of 8, Claudio grew up in the USA and came to Amsterdam more than twenty years ago. He spent his first decade gigging around the Amsterdam band scene, and that background shines through in the Yemanja project. Tapia doesn’t stop at writing.


Below is the first in a 10-part movie series that accompanies the novel, demonstrating his performance skills. Claudio couples archive footage and atmospheric sound effects with his charisma-soaked voice reading excerpts from the manuscript. It’s his own unique brand of ‘narrative fiction.’

A sequel is already in the pipeline, and my guess is this is just the beginning of a whole new story, entitled ‘Claudio Tapia, published author and performance artist.’

The Hand of Yemanjá, Claudio Tapia

 Author, performance artist and generally creative nice guy
WHY NOW His new novel ‘The Hand of Yemanjá’ is being launched. Buy it here.
WHEN May 26, 2013
WHAT Claudio’s going to read, perform, sign books and answer questions

Image © ClaudioTapia. Text © Amsterdam Culture/David Beckett

Intriguing: A Book by Claudio Tapia


Blake Braught says:

Wow Claudio ,

Very nice prose ! You’ve come a long way from sounding like the Cure in the 80s ; Really impressive writing, very deliberate insightful and witty and moving.

Hope Daniel and Alex are doing as well .

Blake ( Once Alex’s best friend in Louisianian )

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