Free Rembrandt: Rijksmuseum Open

The Rijksmuseum is about to be opened again! Or should I say: at last?

April 13, 2013 is The Day. According to the Rijksmuseum website the museum closed its doors for renovation in 2004 – it sure does feel way longer, if not a lifetime ago.

For years and years they’ve been working on renovating the 1885 Pierre Cuypers building probably known best for housing Rembrandt’s The Night Watch. The red stone museum is impressively beautiful from the outside alone. With the I amsterdam letters – more than 2 metres tall, over 23.5 metres wide – right in its back garden (Museumplein), it must be one of the most photographed buildings of the city.

And now we can enter the building proper again, not just the Philips Wing on Museumplein, or the second location at Schiphol. A huge countdown screen is counting off the amount of nights yet to sleep
before opening – a daily countdown with art examples is also available online.

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Tickets are of course already available via the Rijksmuseum’s website.

The museum is re-opening, having been closed since 2004. Ticket prices vary: € 0,- || € 7,50 || € 15.
On opening day the entrance is free. Opening hours: 12 noon till midnight.
WHEN Opening day: April 13, 2013. Opening hours as of April 14: daily from 9 – 17hrs.
WHAT Circa 1.000.000 paintings, drawings, prints & photos (= the entire collection). Incl. the Night Watch.

CC Photo: Sheila Schenkel. Text © Amsterdam Culture/Sheila Schenkel

Free Rembrandt: Rijksmuseum Open

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