About Amsterdam Culture

PrinsengrachtGreat to see you here!

Amsterdam Culture wants to do more than give the Where to Go‘s, What to Do’s and What to See’s.

We want to create a platform for creative Amsterdammers. Because we feel that, more than anything, Amsterdam is shaped by its people. It’s the city “where spirit of enterprise, creativity, and freedom count”: Amsterdam’s DNA!

And that’s what we want to show you. The real Amsterdam.

We are independent bloggers, voicing our own opinion of Amsterdammers and their Creativity. We don’t write here because we’re getting paid, or receive goodies. We write because we are passionate about our city and the people who make it the great place it truly is.

Do we have more in store? We sure do. We’ll keep you posted!

Team Amsterdam Culture,
Sheila Schenkel and David Beckett

© Texts and Pics: Amsterdam Culture, unless stated otherwise.
Most of our pictures are available under Creative Commons.

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