Amstelredamme: a river runs through  0

blog_amstel_boat_sheila_schenkelThere’s few better ways to enjoy Amsterdam, then by boat… Here’s a view of the Amstel–exactly, the very river that gave Amsterdam its name.

The bridge ahead is the Nieuwe Amstelbrug (New Amstel Bridge), aka Bridge number 101, connecting the Weesperzijde (‘Amsterdam East’) and the Amsteldijk (De Pijp, ‘Amsterdam-South’). You can also see the Rembrandt Tower (Rembrandttoren). The tower’s named after, indeed!, Rembrandt van Rijn. It’s Amsterdam’s first (office) skyscraper.

Boat trip courtesy of friends Rickert and Corrie.

CC Photos Sheila Schenkel; Text © Amsterdam Culture/Sheila Schenkel

I Amsterdam  2

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A Five Arched Bridge  0

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